Our Goals

At Cotton Dodo, we're on a mission to make a difference. Our passion lies
in advocating for the protection of our planet's most vulnerable inhabitants –
endangered species. Through our unique clothing brand, we aim to raise
awareness, inspire action, and contribute to the conservation efforts that are
crucial for the survival of these magnificent creatures.

Promoting Endangered Species Awareness

Each design in our collection represents a different endangered species, from the
majestic Whale Sharks to the resilient African Wild Dogs. With every purchase,
you're not just acquiring a piece of clothing; you're becoming an ambassador
for these animals. Our designs serve as conversation starters, sparking
discussions about conservation and the importance of preserving biodiversity.

Supporting Conservation Initiatives

We believe in making a tangible impact. That's why 50% of profits generated
through our website go directly to organizations dedicated to protecting
endangered species. When you buy a hoodie featuring a Whale Shark or any other
design from our collection, you're contributing to initiatives that safeguard
the habitats, conduct research, and implement conservation strategies aimed at
saving these animals from extinction.

What about our Dodo designs?

Unfortunately we are too late to support any Dodo conservation so 50% of our profits from any
Dodo only designs are donated to a different animal welfare/conversation
charity every 6 months.Read more about who you are helping with your order

Fostering Creativity and Uniqueness

Our designs are more than just illustrations – they're symbols of hope and
resilience. Crafted with care and creativity, each artwork captures the essence
of the endangered species it represents. Whether you're wearing our apparel or
displaying our accessories, you're showcasing your commitment to conservation
in style.

Spreading Global Awareness

Cotton Dodo isn't confined by borders. We proudly ship worldwide, extending our reach
to individuals who share our passion for wildlife conservation across the
globe. By wearing our apparel, you're not only expressing your support for
endangered species but also amplifying our message on an international
scale.Check out our full Collection

Join Us in Making a Difference

At Cotton Dodo, we believe that small actions can lead to significant change.
Together, we can raise awareness, support conservation efforts, and protect the
precious biodiversity of our planet. Join us in our mission to ensure a
brighter future for all species, one design at a time.