Our Inspirational Animals

At Cotton Dodo, we are not just passionate about fashion, but also about making a difference in the world. This commitment is woven into every product we create and every decision we make. We're proud to dedicate 50% of our profits to supporting endangered species that inspire us every day. Here's a closer look at the incredible animals we are currently focused on helping.

Great White Shark

Often misunderstood due to their portrayal in media, Great White Sharks are crucial for maintaining the health of marine ecosystems. Our efforts help fund research and conservation initiatives aimed at protecting this vital predator, ensuring they continue to balance marine life.

African Wild Dog

Known for their distinctive patchy coat and communal behavior, African Wild Dogs are one of Africa's most endangered predators. Our support helps fund protection programs that focus on habitat preservation and mitigating human-wildlife conflict, ensuring a future for these unique animals.

Whale Shark

The gentle giant of the ocean, the Whale Shark, is the largest fish in the sea. Despite their size, these magnificent creatures are known for their docile nature. Threatened by fisheries and accidental catches, our contributions help support marine conservation projects to ensure these sharks can thrive safely in their natural habitats.

Black Rhino

The majestic Black Rhino, once abundant across Eastern and Southern Africa, now faces the threat of extinction due to poaching and habitat loss. By supporting conservation efforts, we aim to protect this iconic species and help increase their numbers in the wild.

Bengal Tiger

The Bengal Tiger, a symbol of strength and majesty, is facing numerous threats, including poaching and loss of habitat. By funding anti-poaching patrols and habitat restoration projects, we contribute to the survival of this stunning species, which plays a crucial role in the biodiversity of its ecosystem.

What's Next?

At Cotton Dodo, our commitment does not stop here. We are continuously looking for opportunities to expand our impact and help as many endangered species as possible. Each purchase you make not only adds to your wardrobe but also contributes significantly to the survival and well-being of these inspirational animals. Together, we can make a substantial difference in preserving our planet's precious wildlife. Join us in our mission to fashion a better world.